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Since you can’t configure it as a handheld vacuum, it isn’t suitable for cleaning pet hair from furniture. It also lacks a HEPA filter, and some allergens can escape from its exhaust. The BISSELL CrossWave HF3 Cordless multi-surface wet dry vacuum saves time by combining two cleaning steps in one, vacuuming and washing at the same time. The Max and Samsung Jet 90 Complete are different types of vacuums, though both offer some mopping functionality. The Samsung is a more conventional cordless stick vacuum that you can bundle with a somewhat unique ‘Spinning Sweeper’ floorhead, which uses rotating mop pads to scrub-away stains.

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It doesn’t offer any distinct suction power modes that would drain its battery any faster, though using its detergent dispersal function continuously might drop its runtime slightly. It’s similar to the BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro in terms of overall build quality, with a body made mainly from hard plastic and an aluminum wand. The floorhead release hinge unlocks with very little effort, making it hard to roll the vacuum around when it’s irobot vacuum cleaner positioned completely upright. You’ll likely find it easier to move the vacuum from place to place by using the grab handle, which has a rubberized surface to give you a more secure grip. Most of its controls are within easy reach, with its surface mode switch on top of the handle and a detergent trigger just underneath it. The CrossWave Cordless Max also comes with a stellar set of bonus features for making your cleaning easier.

The irobot vacuum cleaner Max and BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro each have distinct advantages, meaning one might suit you better than the other, depending on your needs. Both vacuums use similar detergent-dispersal functions and do a good job of dealing with dried-on stains as well as liquid spills. They’re also pretty similar in terms of dimensions and overall weight. That said, the corded Pet Pro can run indefinitely but at the cost of a limited range.

Its brushroll motor is stronger than its cordless alternative, so you can use this vacuum to clean carpeted floors. However, the Cordless Max can be used to easily clean faraway rooms with minimal difficulty. It also features a self-cleaning function that slightly reduces hands-on maintenance requirements. With the touch of a button, you can seamlessly switch from cleaning hard floors to vacuuming and refreshing your area rugs, all with one machine. A powerful 36V Li-Ion battery ensures you get constant performance throughout the entire cleaning process while enjoying the cordless freedom.

It’s much lighter than the BISSELL, easier to maneuver, and makes less noise. You can also configure it as a handheld vacuum to better-clean hard-to-reach areas. Conversely, the BISSELL is a cordless upright vacuum/mop with a detergent-dispersal function to help scrub away dried-on stains. It’s more effective than the Dyson in sucking up debris on bare floors and has a longer battery life, not to mention a much bigger dustbin.

Wet Pickup score indicates how effectively the combo vacuum-mop picked up a spill of cereal and milk. It’s considerably quieter than the BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro, presumably thanks to its smaller, less powerful suction motor. If shark cordless you run it within an enclosed room, people nearby aren’t likely to be disturbed. Acevacuums, conveniently located to serve customers from all these cities in Fairfax, Arlington, Prince william and Loudoun counties in Virginia.