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10 Best Ozark Trail Tents ALL Sizes Rated & Reviewed

Make your camping experience more enjoyable with the Ozark Trail 12-Person Cabin Tent with Screen Porch and 2 Entrances. We just bought this tent over the weekend and put it up. I really liked the way it looked and the space but will not be able to use it due to the leaks. This tent is for summer camping in mild weather conditions so I wouldn’t put it to serious tests in very harsh situations. Though being an extended dome tent, it is quite aerodynamic and it can withstand a lot of pressure.

In all kinds of weather, from high winds to torrential downpours. No leaks, no tears and only 1 pole malfunction that probably had to do with me setting it up quickly in the rain. Even then it was just a matter of stretching the pole back out more carefully.

You will need a car for transportation regardless of where you camp, and you will need lots of ground. Bear in mind that the front porch needs extra space and you have to plan where to set it up. You can also put several largest queen size beds inside and you will still have plenty of space. The 2 included dividers will give some privacy, note that both entry doors are in the central room. This is a huge tent, and it is rare to see that a tent really has enough space for the declared number of users.

Ozark Trail tents are rated as “water-resistant,” not waterproof. This means that in constant or heavy rain, the seams are likely to leak, and eventually, the fabric of the body will soak through as well. Fortunately, you can take additional measures to make your tent more weather resistant with a liberal application of a seam sealer and a DWR coating. The first step is to find a nice flat piece of ground and get all six of the corners staked out.

I love tents and writing about them is my great pleasure. The Ozark Trail tent is without a match in a few important features, but not in all. There is a hook for a lantern in the main area, and a few small pockets on the walls, they look grotesque ozark trail wall tent to me on such huge walls. They have missed adding them more, this would make lots of difference. You have an electric cable port and this is pretty much all. Note that unlike other tents, here you have built-in dividers that fully close the walls.

With that being said, Ozark Trail does a good job of seam-sealing their tents from the factory in most cases, and with a little help, these budget-shelters can keep you dry when unexpected rain hits. Take time to treat the entire tent with a DWR coating like Nikwax (not just the rainfly) and never leave the house without a tent repair kit in case disaster strikes. Shape wise most Ozark Trail tents either come in a cabin or dome shape.

Those are the stakes that we didn’t stake for obvious reasons. Collapsing the Ozark Trail Instant Dome Tent was a cinch. Getting it back into the carrying case took more of an effort though. Next time, I’ll roll the tent a little tighter to avoid that mini struggle. Brandi Jangula is a writer born and raised in the Midwest.

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We just went on our first camping trip and had a 2 person tent. It was fine, but this one looks very spacious and easy to set up! As with any piece of gear, the number one durability factor is the amount of care that you’re willing to put into use, and more importantly, stowing your tent. Although polyester ozark trail tents is fairly resistant to mold, my biggest area of concern with the tent is figuring out a good way to dry it properly before forgetting about it in your garage. If the tent is saturated, you should try your best to leave it standing with the doors and windows open until it completely dries.

I had no issues with the guylines, though it would be nice if they were reflective at night. As for stitching, I found loose threads all over the tent, ozark tent something like this. The pole structure is very simple, there are only 8 guylines in total, and the stakes aren’t your super high-quality stakes.