Bissell Cordless Hand Vacuum

I was impressed with the suction power on our hardwood floor tests. The detachable motorized brush helps capture more embedded pet hair and dirt, providing a deeper clean. The included crevice tool and soft surfaces tool, such as couches, sofas, mattresses, area rugs and more, can be used separately or stacked together to combine their usefulness.

Handheld models are ergonomically designed to give you comfort while you take care of dusty corners. At Target, you are sure to find the perfect one for your space and lifestyle. The low pile carpet tests yielded results similar to those on the hardwood floor tests. There were slight declines in the amount of kitty litter and sugar cleaned up, but there was also a small increase in the amount of cereal sucked up. Once again, the cereal did clog at the tail end of the test, which resulted in no suction, leading to 91% of the debris being cleaned up. The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser cordless handheld vacuum is built in a long, tube-like shape with a handle built into the butt end of the unit.

It’s narrow body makes it easy to get into tight spaces and the accessible handle makes even awkward angles feel more manageable. The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser comes with two nozzles which allows you to clean more types of surfaces. This vacuum requires very little in the way of maintenance costs. It’s bagless, so it saves you from buying replacement bags and from creating needless waste. There is a line on the dirt bin that indicates when it is full and should be emptied to maximize the vacuum’s performance. This is done by pressing the “eject” button, removing the filter from the dirt bin, and emptying the contents into a garbage can.

bissell handheld vacuum

These three cleaning styles add variety to the user experience as well as options for cleaning more specific sections of your home. Aesthetically, this Pet Hair Eraser falls in line with the others, carrying a lime green color scheme with hints of gray, and black. At only 16′, this cord is about half as long of a cord as what you will find on a typical upright or other larger vacuum, like the Shark Rocket vacuum or Roomba 650 robot vacuum. The filter used in this vacuum can be washed, but should be replaced every 12 months to be sure the multi-level filtration system is working to its full potential. This process helps reduce allergens from being exerted back into your air after vacuuming. Additionally, this allows Bissell to use a smaller filter within the vacuum.

The charging port is kind of small, and the cord is not reversible , meaning that it only plugs in one way, so connecting the vacuum to a power source may take some practice. Acevacuums, conveniently located to serve customers from all these cities in Fairfax, Arlington, Prince william and Loudoun counties in Virginia. I placed my sound meter approximately 12 inches away from the unit while it was running, and it registered 95 decibels. So, you may not want to do any cleaning when people are sleeping in the next room.

It’s also bagless—when you turn the vacuum on, it sucks dirt and hair up into a clear collection chamber (so you can see exactly how much hair your fur baby has left behind for you). The Pet Hair Eraser uses a three-layered filter that you can wash and reuse to keep suction power going strong. The price is a bit much, but the vacuum is backed by a two-year limited warranty and exceptional customer service. When you’re cleaning your car, you don’t want the vacuum to die on you. So, to test out the battery life of the Bissell 1985 Vacuum, I cleaned my Prius and a friend’s minivan. You can then charge the battery for an hour for a short cleaning session or four hours to get it back to full juice.

In addition, this pet hair vacuum has a two-stage filtration system designed to help extend the life of the filter and provide easier cleaning. Each of the aforementioned debris types was spread across our testing lane. The base surface of our testing lane is an engineered hardwood floor. For our carpet tests, bissell handheld vacuum we slide in a low pile and high pile carpet insert on top of the hardwood floor. Our Acevacuums experienced central vacuum technicians does central vacuum installation, central vacuum repairs and central vacuum services. All in all, the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser cordless handheld is a solid product.

Since there are no cords, users are able to take this vacuum virtually anywhere without worrying about restrictions from a cord. Maneuvering this Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is easy and one of the more positive characteristics about this vacuum. The battery is 14.4V and the dust bin is able to hold 0.7 L of dry debris. Get hilarious videos, heartwarming stories and editor-vetted product recommendations for every type of pet delivered right to your inbox. Due to the short exposure time, hearing protection is not required.

The slender design, powerful suction, and pet hair eliminating benefits create a handheld vacuum that most users could appreciate. The high pile carpet testing was another successful series for the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser cordless handheld. The lowest level of debris cleaned up came from sugar, which landed at 89%.

The Bissell vacuum runs on a strong 22V lithium-ion battery that is designed to maintain a steady suction as long as it’s running. Lithium-ion batteries can also sit for long periods of time without losing their charge. To charge the vac, you simply plug one end of the adapter into your wall and the other into the unit. An easy 2-part assembly makes the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser cordless hand vac easy to use. This may be a couch covered with pet hair, an automobile, or even under the chair of a messy eater. This vacuum is quick, portable and efficient to get the job done.