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The 6 Best Personal Blenders of 2024, Tested & Reviewed

It performed well for making smoothies in testing thanks to an automatic smoothie setting, though we got very unevenly chopped salsa using the pulse mode. The original Nutribullet performed similarly to the rest of the brand’s models, which is to say really well. It’s the least expensive and least powerful of Nutribullet’s personal blenders, and it gets the job done nonetheless. However, it’s a bit smaller and slower than the Pro 900, and it doesn’t have the automatic cycle we liked so much in the Pro+. Personal blenders tend not to have very many different settings. Some simply blend when you push the cup down and stop when you let go.

Still, if affordable all-purpose blending is what you’re after, then the Multiblend can get the job done, just not with any real speed or style. The issue with the SMEG Personal Blender is its high price. You can hamilton beach blender get similar performance for less money, but not with the same looks (and color options — there are seven choices). The accessories are also limited, with two identical jars, and two identical lids, and that’s it.

After 30 pulses on high speed (Grind/Crush ice mode), the blender reduced my 2 cup sample of whole raw almonds to mostly powder. Letting the engine roar for 15 more pulses (45 total) and I had legitimate almond flour on my hands. Unfortunately, no amount of time or motor pulses could transform my nutty materials into true, creamy almond butter.

We’ve tested all six personal blender models Nutribullet makes, and they’re all top contenders. It was tough to pick a single favorite, but we decided the Pro 900 offers the best balance of price and performance. We’re big fans of SMEG’s retro-styled kitchen appliances in general. They have unique looks and thoughtful designs that often justify the machines’ high prices.

This model comes with three 20-ounce jars, which is a great size for single-serving smoothies or enough sauce for a family meal if not a large batch of soup. You get two flip-top travel lids and one flat storage lid, none of which leaked in our tests. The Ninja brand offers a lot of blender choices — we tested 5 personal-sized models in total — and this one’s our favorite. It’s middle-of-the-road in terms of price but high-end in terms of performance, and it’ll fit in any cabinet and most drawers. The Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender is a personal blender that doesn’t perform very well.

Frozen beverages, cocktails, or even soups and sauces blend up smoothly in a Hamilton Beach blender. Potent horsepower with expertly designed stainless steel blades ensure a consistent blending of ingredients. Hamilton Beach blenders range from basic models with few special features to commercial-grade options that have enough power to handle hamilton beach smoothie blender a wide range of kitchen tasks. It’s quiet for a blender, partly because of its lower motor power. You can find more powerful personal blenders that are still quite quiet, like the NutriBullet Pro 1000. The jar has a 14oz blending capacity, so it’s only suitable for blending small batches, like single-serve smoothies or protein shakes.

If the blender is not plugged in, plug it back in and turn it on once more. Check the power cord to see if there are any tears or damage, if so, you can attempt to replace the power cord using this guide. If the problem persists, then there may be another issue at hand. Achieving the perfect consistency is a breeze thanks to this blender’s adjustable timer. There’s also a sliding spout on the lid designed for drinking. For a mere $40, the Hamilton Beach MultiBlend Blender can tackle most ordinary food-mixing tasks.

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The portable functionality is very impressive, but you have to carry the blending base around with this model. The jar and sipping lid come off the blades for cleaning (they’re dishwasher-safe), but there’s nothing to cover the bottom of the jar and turn it into a travel cup. It’s also rather small, at just 16 ounces, though anything much bigger would interfere with it being portable.