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Hamilton Beach Personal Blender, with Travel Lid

The NutriBullet is significantly sturdier and has a better blending performance since it can make nut butter and produce a smooth puree with fibrous ingredients like kale. The Hamilton Beach Personal Creations Blender is disappointing for smoothies and protein shakes. It struggles to blend the usual smoothie ingredients, hamilton blender like ice cubes, fruit, and leafy greens. Smoothies with fibrous ingredients like kale have a grainy texture. If you use soft ingredients like bananas or mangos, it’ll do a better job. Frankly I’m surprised by how many home blending machines can’t quite wrap their blades around a mere 2 cups of supermarket bag ice.

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It also takes a while to blend ingredients, so using it for several batches in a row is inconvenient. It makes a grainy blend with fibrous additions like leafy greens and struggles to crush ice cubes. It’s easy to clean and quiet, but not a good choice if you need to serve a crowd. The priciest Hamilton Beach blenders are premium or commercial quality models. They usually offer 1,500 watts of power or more and can crush ice and other frozen or hard ingredients. The NutriBullet Pro 900 is a much better personal blender than the Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender.

Most tend to be targeted at smoothie fanatics whose sole interest lies in whipping up tasty fruit beverages in a jiffy. Other gadgets offer greater power and food processor-style skills but with shockingly high sticker prices to match, often in excess of $300 or even $400. Most personal blenders look the same, but this one’s ridged cup and stylish control wheel stand out.

Durable design that’s easy to clean and comes with a three-year warranty. You need to hold the button constantly to blend, which makes it inconvenient to use, especially because it takes several minutes to get the best results. Even then, it makes a grainy blend with many unprocessed bits of kale left over. It’s mostly made of plastic, which doesn’t feel very premium or durable. It doesn’t have any anti-slip pads to help keep it stable while blending.

The machine comes with 24- and 32-ounce cups, plus a sealing travel lid and screw-on sipping ring for each one. It has only one speed setting, like most personal blenders. It’s quite fast, which is usually suitable for smoothly blending fibrous ingredients like kale. Still, it doesn’t perform well for that purpose, possibly because the motor isn’t very powerful compared to most personal blenders. The Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender is bad for multiple servings of smoothies. The jar has a small 14oz capacity, so it’s only suitable for making one smoothie at once.