Lasko Box Fan

This model also features the Weather-Shield motor for safe window use in inclement weather. With summer rapidly approaching and temperatures on the rise, it’s a good time to think about the best way to cool your living space. If you have an air conditioning system and want to supplement it or you don’t have AC and you want a simple, inexpensive cooling solution, box fans are a great choice. They’re economical, technologically innovative and portable — they even come equipped with a carry handle, so you can take them wherever you need them.

The Lasko name is synonymous with reliable products and fair prices. Founded in Philadelphia in 1906 as a small family shop, Lasko expanded its product range after WWII to include air purifiers, fans, heaters and humidifiers. Lasko Holdings currently bills itself as one of the largest home appliance companies, with factories in the U.S. and overseas. About LaskoLasko is a leading home environment products company, providing fans, heaters, air purifiers, humidifiers, home ventilation products, water damage remediation products, and more. Lasko has been engineering and building high-performance home environment products with leading-edge designs in the U.S. and around the world for 115 years. Started in 1906 by Mr. Henry Lasko, the company has grown to an international organization whose products can be found at major retailers and online under the Lasko, Air King, B-Air, and Guardian brands.

Box fans have several speeds from quieter low speeds to powerful high speeds, easy-to-access top-mounted controls, and safety features that provide peace of mind. All Lasko box fans come with The Blue Plug™ Patented Safety Fuse Technology that automatically turns off the fan to prevent accidents. The plug cuts off the electric current to the fan if it detects a potentially hazardous electrical fault, which makes them both easy to use, and easy on the mind. Box fans are versatile in their use due to their ability to operate in windows.

Many Lasko fans cost less than two cents per hour to operate! This makes for super savings when compared to the much higher cost of continuously running the air conditioner. Perfect for a dorm room, playroom or anywhere that would enjoy lasko pedestal fans a pop of color, Lasko’s 20-inch Cool Colors box fan comes in fun colors like fuchsia. It features three quiet speeds, Save-Smart technology for energy economy (running costs are less than 2 cents per hour) and an easy-carry handle.

Enjoy outstanding air circulation with the Lasko Pro Power™ Industrial Grade 20-inch Box Fan. This powerful box fan features an innovative Wind Ring® system, that is engineered to provide up to 20% more air velocity. The wider, durable steel body allows for greater stability while the easy-carry handle makes portability a breeze. This commercial grade 20”, 5-blade box fan features durable construction with over 25% more steel than the standard box fans.

Lasko Box Fan

It’s a little bigger and heavier than basic box fan models but is still easily portable and unobtrusive. A great basic box fan, this classic model is one of the best-known and most affordable fans on the market. It features a durable steel body, a 20-inch diameter fan blade, three energy-efficient speed settings and a built-in handle. The fan’s weather-resistant motor makes it safe to place in a window and it weighs only 7.5 pounds, so it’s easy to move around.

With a slim profile and weighing just over 7 pounds, this model is easy to move around and is very popular among teens and college kids. Plus, this fresh airflow alen breathesmart can also help the room feel more comfortable. By strategically placing your box fan in a window, you can make the most of cooling cross-breezes from outside.