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My dyson 360 Vis Nav arrived on Thursday and is a very welcome addition to our dyson family. Everyday at 10am the robot vac is set to vac the dining and kitchen area which is great as it seems my son is unable irobot vacuum cleaner to eat breakfast without half of it ending up on the floor. It even has an edging tool that pops out so it can clean right up to the skirting board.I am extremely happy with my new robot dyson the 360 Vis Nav.

Why you can trust TechRadar We spend hours testing every product or service we review, so you can be sure you’re buying the best. The 360 Eye came in last place on the rice test, picking up just 2.18 ounces on the plush carpet, 1.85 ounces on the berber-style carpet, and 2.13 ounces on the hardwood floor. At the same time, the Neato Botvac Connected picked up significantly more rice on each flooring surface.

This is especially the case when you can find robot vacuums such as the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra and the new iRobot Roomba j9+ with a self-emptying base and mop for an equivalent price. The Boost mode is great for quick jobs, but will likely exhaust your battery life quickly. In any case, the extra power comes in handy for dense build-ups of dirt, which was apparent when cleaning my carpet upstairs that had certainly seen better days. The Dyson Vis Nav was powerful to quickly lift out hard-to-shift, tangled hair, ingrained dirt and dust — giving my beige carpet a brighter and refreshed look.

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There is absolutely no loss of suction as the battery drains, which is typical of any Dyson cordless handstick as well. The top of the Vis Nav is a 360º camera to allow for visual navigation as opposed to the lidar sensors most other robovacs use. When it’s in a dimly-lit room or under a bed, a light comes on to help it make its way around a home without bumping into anything. bissell crosswave cordless That said, it does have a tendency to bump into slightly reflective objects, like a large green glass vase I had on the floor of my test space. As impressive as the bar brush is, I’m in love with the side duct. This little red tongue sticks out automatically when the Vis Nav gets close to a room’s edge or senses furniture legs, then retracts when it’s not needed.

As I’ve mentioned before, this is arguably the only robot vacuum cleaner that will venture close to walls and large furniture. The side duct really does touch skirting boards as it moves slowly along. You don’t necessarily need the MyDyson app to control the 360 Vis Nav, but it will help as there are more features in there that could prove useful. For example, you can schedule cleaning runs, say, three times a week while you’re away, create a new map or remap a home, and give your machine a name. You can also use the app to link other Dyson devices you might be using and find handy tutorials for them. The evidence of its cleaning prowess can also be heard when the volume of its usual hum goes up a little during this automatic adjusting.

Shorter and slimmer than its predecessors, the Vis Nav is designed to work better in our complicated American homes. It still sports the signature extra-long brush and squared shape of the 360 line, but adds more suction power and a faster processor. The brush bar on the Dyson 360 Eye vacuum cleaner extends to the full width of the machine, meaning that it doesn’t rely on side sweepers to reach the edges of the room. It uses patented carbon fiber brush bar technology to remove fine dust on hard floors, and stiff nylon bristles to agitate and clean carpets. Aside from its dubious obstacle-avoidance abilities, the Dyson 360 Vis Niv is a capable cleaner.

The Dyson 360 Vis NavTM robot vacuum has an intelligent 360° vision system, so it can analyse its surroundings, see precisely where it needs to clean and remember where it’s been. This machine has 26 different sensors and analyses up to 10,000 data points a second, building a map of every room and floor in your home and intelligently navigating its way through your entire home. All this information is remembered by the My DysonTM app so you can set zones and customise your robot’s behaviour. Yes, the Dyson 360 Vis NavTM robot vacuum includes our new triple action brush bar, which combines three ways to deep clean and is engineered for all floor types.

It is therefore the poor performance of the battery that led to the unreasonably long cleaning times. That is, until Dyson announced the launch of the Dyson 360 Vis Nav, their first robot vacuum. Always at the forefront of vacuum technology, I had more faith in their offering than any other, and jumped at the opportunity to try it out for myself. dyson robot vacuum I’m probably not alone in saying that vacuuming is not my favourite task. No sooner have you just finished it, when it feels like it needs to be done again. Especially having a dog who sheds, it seems like there is no end to the dirt, dust and hair in our house, so anything that promises to lighten the load of cleaning is more than welcome.

I noticed it had missed some of the dust in my bathroom corners, despite doing an excellent job on the baseboards and along the bathtub. When cleaning clumps of dust under the bed, its top light automatically switched on to help it see where to go for this back-breaking task. After going back and forth from under the bed (and after close inspection), the hubby and I were impressed with such a thorough, spotless clean. Dyson uses its own version of simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology for figuring out how to get around your home, powered by a small camera on the top of the robot surrounded by LEDs to help it see in the dark.